The unique builds of the Porsche 911

A showcase of international talent

Since it’s birth in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart in 1963, the Porsche 911 has evolved in a magnitude of ways whilst keeping true to its principles. Still today the 911 is an enduring motoring icon with a popular mix of speed and style.

The 911 as a platform has many talented people working on progressing the boundaries of style and performance. We aim to share a few of the talented standouts that have made a name for themselves through their work with Porsche 911s. For each of the talents below, we have also shared a video which lets you peek behind the curtains of their craft.

Magnus Walker

Magnus rose to fame in 2012 when the documentary ‘Urban Outlaw’ was released, showcasing his style, methods and 911 car collection.

Here is the McKernan 911 Slide Throttle, signed by none other than Magnus himself.

Before building his collection and his restoration style he had a successful career in fashion, whilst always holding a passion for the 911. The documentary can be seen below.

Akira Nakai - AUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB)

One of the more distinctive styles of 911 tuning is made by the famous Akira Nakai, and his company RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB). The unique RWB style is easily distinguishable by its wide body fenders and exposed rivets.

You’ll be able to find countless hours of Nakai-San working away with his unique methods while being fuelled only by Coca-Cola and Marlboro.

Singer Vehicle Design

Just in case you aren’t already following Singer on Instagram, do yourself a favour because their finished products are a pure work of art. Founder Rob Dickinson holds a vision to celebrate the 911’s ultimate fusion of form and function.

Singer celebrates this by carrying out extensively detailed reimaginations of the car from the wheels up. The mini-documentary below shares their vision and their guiding motto – ‘Everything is important’.

Gunther Werks

Gunther Werks aims to bring the past into the present. Put simply, they take a donor car and build a retro-designed package with current technology.

As you would expect for works like the 993 program, attention to detail is a guiding principle of the company. The video below shows the co-owners describing their vision and how this manifests in each 993 recreation car.


RUF was put on the map in 1987 when they developed the RUF CTR ‘Yellow Bird’. At the time, it was the fastest car in the world, a very impressive feat for a company like RUF taking on all the motor companies.

RUF gained the respect of 911 fanatics and even Porsche company who would send them the bare 911 chassis to build their cars from. The video below shows the history of RUF from its foundations in 1939 through to the glory years of the Yellowbird.

We would like to give thanks and shoutout to The Documentary Network, Car throttle, Krispy Media, Auto Revolution and RUF for the use of their fantastic videography and documentary work.

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